Working at Height

Under Working At Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR) there is no minimum height above ground level that constitutes ‘work at height’. Rather, the regulations include any falling distance that may cause injury; covering a vast range of scenarios where work is undertaken above the ground.

The provision of safe work positioning is therefore a process determined by the specifics of the work to be carried out and the location where this will take place. As well as more conventional means of access such as scaffolding, we often have to come up with bespoke access methods to suit both the requirements of the job and our clients’ budget considerations.

Our operatives have extensive training, certification and experience in a full range of working at height methods including:

  • Scaffolding (CISRS)
  • Mobile Scaffolding (PASMA)
  • Mobile Elevated Working Platforms – MEWP (IPAF)
  • Rope Access (BS 22846-2 /IRATA)
  • Fall Arrest Systems (BS 8437:2005)
  • Trestle and Stagings (BS 1129/ 2037)
  • Ladder work (BS EN 131)