Chimney stacks are complex structures with various elements that can deteriorate through age related and environmental processes. As well as posing a significant vulnerability to rainwater ingress, larger stacks are extremely heavy and when unstable can present a considerable threat to the building and associated areas below. In response to in-house or third-party survey reports, we’re able to undertake scopes of work including:

  • Full re-building works
  • Full renovation works
  • Stack removal
  • Partial renovation
  • Remedial repairs
  • Cowl installation

Our experience is extensive, from minor repairs to address rainwater ingress to the re-building of unstable stacks condemned by structural surveyors report.

On smaller to medium sized scopes of work we’re able to deploy our tried and tested rope access methods to safely access, assess and complete remedial repairs. This working method negates the need for the additional costs of traditional access methods such as scaffold.