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Dormer Repairs – Manchester

Client Brief

We were called to central Manchester to assist Roundhouse Properties Ltd in their development of a prominent listed property on Princess Street. A number of roof windows including two dormer windows required restorative and re-decoration works in a position difficult to access, owing to their location above a busy street. Conventional scaffold access would have required street closure and traffic diversion at considerable expense. With limited time until development handover we were asked to provide a safe and cost effective access method in order to carry out a full scope of remedial repairs in the time frame required, all with minimal impact on the street below.

Scope of Works

  • Access work position causing minimal impact to street below
  • Implement access method public safeguarding measures
  • Carry out restorative sealing works to roof windows
  • Undertake dormer restoration works including timber and lead replacement
  • Complete restorative dormer works with re-decoration


The location of the work position on this city centre property left it difficult to access by conventional means. The street below was a narrow traffic throughfare that would have required closure for scaffold or elevated platform access and as this was not an option, an alternative method of safe work positioning was required. Rope access techniques used in conjunction with measures to safeguard the public at ground level, facilitated safe work positioning for the required remedial repairs. Works undertaken included timber replacement, lead work restoration, sealing and painting works as well as additional slate repairs.