Roof Surveys

The quality of a roof survey is often entirely reliant on the ability of the surveyor to access the location in question. Many buildings requiring roof surveys are inaccessible other than by visual examination from adjacent vantage points. If no such vantage point exists the cost of access via conventional means can be substantial.

The use of roped access techniques allow us to not only access otherwise inaccessible roof tops, but in doing so carryout fast and efficient in situ tactile surveys of the constituent structural elements of the roof covering. Elements assessed in a roof survey include:

  • Roof covering identification
  • Roof covering condition and damage
  • Roof covering configuration and effectiveness
  • Substrate membrane identification
  • Roof substrate and structural timbers condition

A comprehensive in situ roof survey allows a complete picture of the remedial requirements of the roof covering to be presented to the client. With this evidence in place we provide recommendations to the most cost effective approach for remedial repairs.