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Clock Tower Repairs – Sedgwick

Client Brief

Sedgwick House clock tower stands in a commanding position above the village of Sedgwick. This local landmark was showing significant signs of age related deterioration and needed immediate restoration and re-decoration works. As scaffold costs for this project proved unworkable, our rope access skills were called in to both survey the site and carry out the restorative works required.

Scope of Works

  • Implement access to all aspects of the clock tower
  • Carry out timber work repairs on clock tower dovecote
  • Repair damaged cast gutter downpipes and re-decorate
  • Re-decorate repaired dovecote timbers


During our survey of the clock tower at Sedgwick House we uncovered significant age-related decay of the dove cote timbers, these required significant remedial works to restore structural integrity before re-decoration. In addition the heritage cast downpipes of the tower were damaged and in need of repair and re-decoration. Accessing the tower exterior from the dove cote and utilising rope access techniques, we were able to carry out a full scope of restoration works that proved extremely cost effective to the client, relative to other means of accessing the same work position.