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Vegetation Removal – Ambleside

Client Brief

Rattle Ghyll runs through the heart of Ambleside from the hill sides above and helps give the town its quitessential charm. In order to control the growth of the native vegetation, regular maintenance in the form of pruning is required. Our rope access methods allow safe, efficient and cost effective de-vegetation works to be completed, whilst protecting the ecosystem of the ghyll and minimising impact on adjacent roads and businesses.

Scope of Works

  • Rigging of ropes on ghyll sides to faccilitate access
  • Implentation of watercourse contamination containment measures
  • Pruning of ghyll side vegetation
  • Extraction of pruned vegetation
  • Responsible disposal of extracted vegetation


De-vegetation works in the ghyll are required periodically due to the fast growing nature of many of the species that have become established in its banks and to prvent damage to the stone work of ajoining structures. As part of the prunning works, consideration to the potential for waterway contamination is required. In undertaking the de-vegetation works therefore we are required to implement a strategy to contain and extract all material removed during pruning, in accordance with Environment Agency policy for water courses.