Chimney Surveys

Chimneys are an extremely common cause of internal damp issues. Such issues can be a result of any number of things ranging from an open pot to porous stonework. When carrying out full chimney surveys we closely inspect each aspect of the stack, from base leadwork up to the cowls;

  • Smoke test flues to ascertain porosity of stack walls and whether any flue blockages are present
  • Carry out flue camera inspection
  • Inspect all stonework and render for defects
  • Inspect pots and cowls for defects
  • Inspect all lead soakers, cover flashings and aprons for defects/deterioration
  • Inspect flaunching for cracks/spalling

Upon completion of the survey we can then provide a full and comprehensive report to our client with recommendations for repairs. Knowing that we have covered every aspect of the stack means that we can confidently pinpoint the cause of the internal damp issues. This can range from a simple open pot that just requires a cowl right up to multiple defects resulting in the need for a full rebuild.