Terms and Conditions




1.0       The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. Labour prices will remain valid for a period of three calendar months from the date of the quotation or estimate. Materials prices will be charged at the cost at time of supply if this is greater than quoted prices.


2.0       Invoices are payable within Fourteen days of the date of the invoice and where appropriate VAT will be added to our charges. Interest will be charged on late payments in accordance with the “Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 2002”.


3.0         Abseil Commercial will provide all necessary labour to carry out the agreed work.


4.0       The Client will agree with Abseil Commercial the rope anchor points to be used whenever roped access is required, prior to acceptance of the quotation or estimate.


5.0       The Client will provide safe access to any roof where access is required to carry out the work and to any other areas where access is necessary.


6.0         Abseil Commercial will provide all tools and equipment necessary to carry out the work and will remain responsible at all times for their equipment whilst it is on site.


7.0       The Client will provide where feasible all services, (water, electrical power, lighting etc.) necessary to carry out the work.


8.0         The Client will provide where reasonably practicable access for Abseil Commercial operatives to drinking water, to a wash basin as a minimum with both hot and cold taps if available, and to a WC.


9.0         Abseil Commercial will normally only undertake external work during daylight hours and in suitable prevailing weather conditions. Abseil Commercial reserve the right to have absolute discretion as to whether conditions are suitable.


10.0     Abseil Commercial reserves the right to apply on occasion a minimum charge, (no greater than 50% of our standard daily rate for the appropriate class of work), when work is prevented for greater than 50% of the time due to factors outside the direct control of Abseil Commercial, (i.e.:- obstructed access, client equipment failure, adverse weather related charges, etc.), on any day that Abseil Commercial are working on site.


11.0     Any work instructed by the Client during the course of a contract that is additional to and/or extra to the work specified in our estimate/quotation will be charged in addition at the appropriate daily rate for the appropriate class of work as specified in our Standard Charges.


12.0     The Client will provide continuous access to the work on weekdays, between the hours of 0900 and 1700 inclusive, to allow continuity of work at our discretion.